Four common computer problems

Four common computer problems

Every PC users face a computer problem now and then. Even the most secure, stable system is not safe from unwanted software, failing hardware/software, etc. Computer problems can be a big headache, which can stop your work and bring your productivity margin to low, costing you money.

Common Computer Problems

Computer Won’t Turn Onscasccscscascascascascascascascascascasacsacsac

It is one of the worst nightmares for the computer users. You press the power button, but nothing happens. There could be any reasons behind this problems – it might be due to losing cord or dead power supply. Another common┬ácomputer problem is when the computer turns on, lights and fan get on, but the system shows the blank screen. This could happen due to unplugged cord or due to dead hard drive or corrupted boot sector.

Lockups and Freezes

The well-known “blue screen of death” has irritated many users, as it displays error messages and brings the computer to a halt. This problem could be caused by any numbers of problems like sometimes it may be due to malicious software or may be system is running out of memory.

Sometimes it might occur due to bad hardware driver issues. Or it could be the sign of RAM going bad or due to hard drive failure. Sometimes components inside system get loose, and it may also cause computer errors, sudden lockup or freezes the system.

Slow Performance

While deleting files and application from your computer, all kinds of junk files are left behind. Unwanted files and data can build up, and it degrades the system performance. Even low Hard Drive spaces or low RAM in the machine can also cause a computer to run slow and display errors.


Poor ventilation, dying fans or scscsdscsdcsdcsdcsdcsdcsdcsdcsdcsdceven heavy use can generate computer problems as the system heats up. Overheating can give rise to all sorts of computer problems. It can cause strange performance in program, mouse glitches, lockups or overheating can cause the video card heat up and display could momentarily fail.


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